Urban Catalyst is a mixed-use real estate development firm, established in 1998, with a strong history of delivering public-private projects exemplified by high-quality design and the creation of sustainability urban communities where people want to live. The firm’s experience as a master developer coupled with our understanding of the public sector, means we can provide communities with flexible schemes that specifically meet their needs and provides wide socio-economic benefits. In many ways Urban Catalyst bridges the gap between the public and private sectors in urban regeneration.


Delivering successful and vibrant regeneration can improve quality of life, help create successful communities, and deliver economic growth. The Urban Catalyst team has the skills, the experience, plus the mix of technical and commercial acumen to deliver these projects on time and to budget. Critically, we also understand that a key part of achieving this is creating strong partnerships with the client, stakeholder groups and local communities. These partnerships not only help smooth delivery but also help create value as they provide the opportunity for the groups involved to input local intelligence and test emerging plans thereby ensuring Urban Catalyst can deliver robust design solutions which people want. This process can also help marry together the vital elements of:

• community needs

• sound business sense

• creativity

• the environment

• Health and Safety


Since Urban Catalyst recognises the benefit that meaningful engagement with the local community bring, we have a proven track record of designing bespoke engagement strategies which reach all target groups including those traditionally considered as ‘hard to reach’. The principles we set ourselves as a firm our:

• Engage early and establish a genuine dialogue with the local community

• Ensure effective consultation & engagement including digital engagement and consultation

• Help local people and businesses engage with the opportunities created by the project

• Be an active member of the local community


Urban Catalyst are proud of the benefits that bring to a client and can support them the through the specialist expertise our team brings in in:

• Public Private Partnerships

• Acquisition, investment and raising finance

• Placemaking and innovative design

• Land and project assembly

• Engagement management

• Digital community engagement and community branding

• Development management – for both brown and greenfield sites Town and Country planning