Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited, in partnership with Thurrock Council, is leading the regeneration of Purfleet Centre, one of the UK's most exciting urban transformational developments. The project plans to deliver over 2,500 homes around a new town centre, construction of new community facilities such as a new school and an upgraded rail station together with the development of a state of the art media, film, and TV complex. The aim is to once again open up Purfleet's river frontage, create employment and educational opportunities and drive growth.


At over 140 acres the Purfleet Centre Regeneration Project site presents a unique opportunity to deliver a transformational development scheme with placemaking at its core. Sharing Thurrock Council’s vision the project is about delivering a new town centre with shops, community facilities, housing, and employment opportunities — all set within a high-quality environment.

The project is about creating a desirable place to live and work that capitalise on Purfleet’s natural advantages that include;


•Its location on the River Thames

•Quick access to the M25

•Direct 28-minute train to Fenchurch Station, Central London


At over 140 acres the site represents a unique opportunity to redefine Purfleet and create an exciting new development that will bolster and sustain the existing community to create an enhanced sense of place that is in harmony with its natural surroundings.


Permeable access links will lead residents from the beautiful parkland environment within Botany Quarry through to the more urban form of the Town Centre which in turn will form a natural stepping stone to the denser urban development approach along the Riverside.


The London Road Gardens will comprise attractive terraced housing, punctuated by shared gardens, communal squares and pocket parks.


Our proposals for Purfleet seek to transform the area and create a desirable and more sustainable place to live and work. The layout embraces the principles of putting pedestrians first, managing vehicle traffic better and bridging the railway line. This will allow easier and safer movement between neighbourhoods encouraging people to move freely through the site and along the riverfront. There will be a dense built environment in the centre but with open space, parks, gardens and water features at many places across the site.


The Town Centre, based around a new train station, will provide essential retail and community facilities whilst integrating naturally with the existing areas of Purfleet. The new Media Village will act as a catalyst for transforming Purfleet, providing a significant employment base that will be embedded within the community and seamlessly link with the Town Centre.

The opening up of the Riverside and the provision of the Town Centre and Primary School will be delivered as part of the first phase. A Film Academy, Cinema and Media Village will follow in phases two and three.

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