Our mission illustrates our commitment to delivering truly collaborative and sustainable places that drive wider socio-economic growth. This ethos and process is brought to every project we work on.

Partnership – Establishing strong collaborative partnerships is fundamental how we align our vision and aspirations to deliver success for local communities, investors and stakeholders. Our network of partners ranges from local communities and public bodies to investors, designers and contractors and we bring together the best people and minds to every project. Every project we are involved with is a public and private sector collaborative partnership and we are proud to be a public sector partner of choice.


Social infrastructure – we provide a diverse and locally appropriate range of social infrastructure and community facilities which meet current and future local demand. Many elements of social infrastructure we introduce also provide regional benefit. In particular we help create places which prioritise wider objectives such as healthy living and we are proud to be a member of NHS Healthy New Towns Network, a ground-breaking collaboration between NHS England, Public Health England and selected Housing Developers and Housing Associations.


Engagement with the community – we engage and work meaningfully with local communities and include them at every stage of development. We create places which prioritise the community and deliver their aspirations alongside broader placemaking visions. We are proud that our work for PCRL on Purfleet Centre was recognised with the 2018 BBA Award for Best Public Participation.


Supporting a balanced and cohesive community – we ensure that all social, ethnic and faith groups are fairly represented, and new developments integrate with and provide opportunities for existing and new communities.


Economic diversity & benefiting the local economy – we support vibrant, distinctive and independent economic and cultural activities and maximise the opportunities for local companies and local employment creation.


Sustainable energy and carbon reduction – We seek to set new standards for low energy design and operations using renewably sourced supplies and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Modal shift and car use – our modal shift strategies are structured to achieve an increased use of public transport and reduction in the reliance of car use.


Reduction of Waste and an improved construction process – we value the worlds resources and are committed to the creation of Zero Waste by reducing, reusing and recycling in everything we do. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of construction through sustainably sourced materials specification and fabrication.


Habitats and Biodiversity – we seek to protect and enhance a strong local ecology and regenerate in a manner that encourages respect and value of the natural world.


High quality design and public realm – we promote the highest standards of design and architecture including encouraging new talent by the use of local design competitions for art based projects. Public places are where we live our lives and must meet the highest standards if we are to enjoy them and thrive. We also support a safe and clean policy through the establishment of strong and aligned management structures.