Our Charter is not exhaustive but is intended to demonstrate our commitment to delivering truly sustainable developments where people want to live and which can also drive wider socio-economic development.

Engagement with the community – to engage meaningfully with local communities and include them at every stage of development.


Supporting a balanced community – to ensure that all social, ethnic and faith groups are fairly represented.


Economic diversity – to support vibrant, distinctive and independent economic and cultural activities.


Benefiting the local economy – we will seek to maximise the opportunities for local companies and create local employment.


Neighbourhood cohesion – we will ensure new developments integrate into the existing community.

Social infrastructure – we aim to provide a range of social infrastructure and community facilities which meet local demand well as providing for new residents.  In particular we seek to help create places which promote wider objectives such as healthy living and care of the elderly.


Carbon reduction – We always seek to set new standards for low energy design, renewable supply and the reduction of CO2 in emissions.

Car use – our sustainable movement strategy will be structured to achieve a reduction in the reliance of car use by making available practical and safe alternatives such as car sharing schemes.


An improved construction process – we are committed to minimise the environmental impact of construction.


Reduction of Waste – We value the world’s resources and are committed to the creation of ‘zero waste’.  This means we will reduce, reuse and recycle all we can, and throw things away only as a last resort.


Food Supply – healthy communities require the choice of quality foods and our letting policy will highlight this requirement.


Habitats and Biodiversity – we will be seeking to protect and enhance the strong local ecology in a manner that encourages people to respect and value nature.


Well Designed Public Realm – public places are where we live our lives and must meet the highest standards if we are to enjoy them. We will support a safe and clean policy through the establishment of a strong management structure.


Distinctive Design Quality – we will promote the highest standards of design and architecture. We will seek to encourage new talent by the use of local design competitions for arts based projects.